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Hyundai SeasAll Repowers Delivering Owners Economy, Performance and Reliability

When it came to re-powering his 27ft Bayliner Ciera, the search for economy, performance and reliability led Jet Lawrence straight to a Hyundai SeasAll S250.

Doing most of his cruising in and around the Marlborough Sounds and the notorious Cook Strait, Mr Lawrence says the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 has met all of his expectation and more.

“I really wanted to make the switch from a petrol to a diesel, as I was looking for better fuel economy, increased reliability and performance. I had a feeling there would be a vast improvement from the previous engine, but I didn’t think it would be this good,” says Lawrence.

The boat was previously powered by a 5.7L carburetted V8 Petrol engine that according to Lawrence was notoriously bad on fuel economy.

“With the petrol engine at 22 knots it would use around 80lph. Now with the diesel we’re using just 24lph at the same speed. I can even cruise faster now at higher speeds, such as 27 knots and I’m only using 31.5lph.”

Lawrence says the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 has also given him increased peace of mine, particularly when making the journey across Cook Strait from the marina at Mana, over to the Marlborough Sounds.

“The Hyundai’s reputation for reliability gives great peace of mind, not only are we more confident in making the trip safely, but we can do it faster too.”

Another customer delighted with his new Hyundai SeasAll is Paul Harvey who has re-powered his 2152 Trophy with the 2.2L Hyundai SeasAll D170S.

Used for game fishing, the boat now uses just 5.8L of diesel per hour at 6.5knots @ 1500rpm. At a cruise speed of 24.3knots @ 3000rpm the boat is using 20.3lph.

“The original engine was a MerCruiser 1.7L diesel producing 120hp. I found that it had to work too hard to power the boat, so I choose a bigger horsepower engine, the Hyundai SeasAll D170S to repower it, as well as a new Bravo I sterndrive,” says Harvey.

“It has completely transformed the boat. I’ve knocked 800rpm off my cruise speed, and the boat now has fantastic low down power out of the hole and mid range, it’s fantastic to have that on hand particularly when doing bar crossings. I loved the boat before, I love it even more now.”

Allpower Marine Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the modern and efficient Hyundai SeasAll range makes them ideal for the re-power market.

“Ease of installation and ease of service, coupled with performance and economy gains are major selling points with these engines. In times where people aren’t buying new boats, a simple repower will transform their craft into a much more economic and powerful vessel.”

Hyundai Marine Australia offers a full range of in board diesel engines including the new 1.6L 125hp engine that will be available in both inboard and sterndrive models to be launched in Australasia by the end of the year.

Hyundai SeasAll Announces Two New Models at the Korea International Boatshow

July 2011
Hyundai SeasAll unveiled two new diesel models – the U125 and the H420 – at the KIBS in June 2011. The new engines expand Hyundai SeasAll’s range both up and down from the currently available 170 and 250 horsepower offerings.

The new 4-inline U125 is currently the smallest engine in the range and is rated at 125 hp (93 kW) at 4000 rpm.  Like its larger brothers, it will be available in inboard, jet and sterndrive configurations.  The engine displaces 1582 cc (nominally a 1.6 litre engine) and achieves maximum torque of 26.5 kg/m at 1900 rpm.  According to Hyundai SeasAll, the base engine which was developed and is produced by Hyundai Kia Automotive is one of the world’s “best in class” in its category.  Per the company, the modern common rail design delivers outstandingly smooth running, low emissions and excellent fuel economy. The engine will meet all RCD and EPA Tier III emission regulations.

The H420, extending the top of the range, puts out 420 hp (313 kW) at 1800 rpm and delivers 200 kg/m of torque at 1100 rpm.  The 9960 cc (nominally 10 litres) inline-6 features a full electronic fuel management system and electronic unit injectors in order to meet current and future emissions requirements (KST, RCE, MED (SOLAS), BSO, CCNR and IMO).  The engine can also be classified in order to meet the requirements of various classification societies for Type Approval.

Both engines will be on display at METS in November 2011.  They will be available for sale in Asia and Oceania in late 2011 and in the European market by March 2012.

JeongOk Kim at Hyundai SeasAll also commented that a new 12.7 litre engine rated at 520 hp at 1800 rpm would be joining the lineup by early next year.

Boatie Benefiting from Switch to Hyundai SeasAll

20 May 2011

A decision to re-power his vessel with a new Hyundai SeasAll S250 diesel stern drive has seen Ross Ranyard’s Markline 800 nearly double its top speed.

Ranyard’s Markline 800 was previously powered by a Volvo-Penta 165hp, 3.6L, six-cylinder diesel stern drive – installed 26 years ago. But it had come the time to source a new engine that would deliver economy, ease of service, reliability and performance.

“I’m a bit sentimental and really love the boat, but the old engine really was a slug. Fully laden the boat is well over 3000kg and the old engine generally gave the boat 16 knots flat out, 19 knots on a good day with a lighter load,” says Ross.

“I take the boat away on a lot of extended trips, and really wanted to get more out of the boat, a newer and more powerful engine, but yet reliable was going to be the solution.”

Since installing the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 engine coupled with a MerCruiser Bravo III sternleg and dual 22” propellers only a month ago, Ross says he has already accumulated 40 hours of running time and is stunned by the new performance of his boat.

“My top speed fully laden is now 32 knots which is really quite amazing – I never thought it would be that much. Acceleration out of the hole is phenomenal; it’s a totally different boat now. We can do so much more with the boat, we can go to places we’ve never been, plus we can tow tubes, knee boarders and generally get more enjoyment out of our time on the water.

”The cruising speed is now 21knots at 2800rpm and using 25L per hour. On a recent trip away, Ross and his family covered 212 nautical miles and used just 165 litres of diesel!

“Going on trips further afield, the new Hyundai SeasAll gives me much more confidence that we can get home at reasonable speed and have power on tap to use if bad weather conditions present themselves, I couldn’t be happier with the new engine.”

Hyundai SeasAll dealer, Sealink Marine carried out the install, Director Simon Carter says he is very impressed with the Hyundai SeasAll product range.

“I’m very impressed with the S250 we installed into the Markline 800, particularly with the electronically-controlled variable geometry turbo for increased performance, which enables the engine to deliver such a broad torque curve.”

“The install was very easy to do. Hyundai have obviously put a lot of thought into installation and service of these engines, and the ease of access to service parts is exceptional – I’m sold!”

“The fact that Hyundai SeasAll is also happy to see these largely ‘recreational’ engines going into commercial applications says a lot about the quality of the product."  

Hyundai SeasAll Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the ease of install of the Hyundai SeasAll range makes them ideal for the re-power market.

“Ease of installation and ease of service are two major selling points with these engines, combine that with economy, performance and reliability then they are a great option for any boatie looking to re-power.”

Engine Specifications   
Model: S250
Output: 250hp @3800rpm
Torque:490nm @ 2500rpm
Turbocharger: Electric Variable Geometry Turbine (E-VGT)
Bore: 84mm
Stroke: 89mm
Compression ratio:17.5:1
Injection:Common Rail Direct Injection (Piezo injector)
Alternator: 150A
Weight: 334kg

Hyundai SeasAll Sets Performance & Economy Benchmarks

8 March 2011
For Immediate Release

The first new build install of a Hyundai SeasAll S250 marine diesel has been installed into an AMF 720 Pro Sport in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The boat, built for a repeat AMF customer and is the first 720 Pro Sport built with a diesel sterndrive.

The boat is to be used extensively off the Tauranga Coast, and even going as far as Waihau Bay on the upper East Coast, and will be used primarily for game fishing, trolling and bottom fishing. Since being launched in early January, the boat and engine has accumulated 46 hours of running time and used an average of 10L/hr of fuel.

The S250 Hyundai SeasAll marine diesel powers the 720 Pro Sport to 37 knots @3800rpm and using just 37.8L/H. At a trolling speed of around 6.5knots @1000rpm, the S250 Hyundai SeasAll consumes 2.5L/H of diesel.

The Hyundai SeasAll S250, is a 3.0L V6 Common Rail diesel and produces 250hp @3800rpm and 490nm of torque @ 2500rpm. On the 720 Pro Sport it is coupled with a MerCruiser Bravo III sternleg.

Brian Collings of AMF Boats says the acceleration and power to weight ratio of the Hyundai S250 is and is one of the most impressive attributes of the engine.

“The figures are certainly the best I’ve seen for quite sometime, the engine is very lightweight and delivers great torque and power right through the rev range. There’s certainly no turbo lag from when you put the throttle down, the power comes on very quickly,” says Collings.

“I had a feeling that the engine would be good, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations. There is a lot of useable power right through the rev range, the customer couldn’t be happier.”

“We’ve powered a lot of boats over the years with a lot of different engines, both diesel and petrol outboard, with the ease of the actual install itself on this boat, and all these great numbers we’re seeing, we’ll definitely be looking at installing another engine into another AMF boat soon.”

Hyundai SeasAll Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison says the AMF 720/S250 results were very pleasing and matched all expectations.

“At the core of Hyundai SeasAll’s diesel technology is performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. We expected this boat and engine combination to set some performance benchmarks and to become a class leader, it certainly has delivered,” says Harrison.

“With its impressive power to weight ratio and fuel efficiency the new Hyundai SeasAll S250 is a motor that is going to suit a wide variety of applications from recreational to light commercial.”

We see reliability, performance and fuel efficiency being a key factor in attracting users to Hyundai SeasAll. The Hyundai brand has an enviable reputation for innovation, quality and reliability and this is clearly flowing through to the marine division.”

Harrison says the availability of fuel at wharfs is a contributing factor in people’s decisions to use diesel engines in vessels.

“For boaties who are wishing to venture further a-field then a diesel inboard is a very good option, particularly when you look at the availability of petrol on wharfs, and there are obvious safety advantages of using diesel. What’s more, you get excellent economy without sacrificing performance.” 

Currently there are two engine series in the Hyundai SeasAll range, the V6 S-Series and the four-cylinder D-Series, with more engines to join the range later in the year.

Engine Specifications 
Model: S250
Output: 250hp @3800rpm
Torque: 490nm @ 2500rpm
Cylinders: V6
Displacement: 2959cc
Turbocharger: Electric Variable Geometry Turbine (E-VGT)
Bore: 84mm
Stroke: 89mm
Compression ratio: 17.5:1
Injection: Common Rail Direct Injection (Piezo injector)
Alternator: 150A
Weight: 334kg

Performance Figures 
RPM Knots LPH 
680 4.4 1.3 
1000 6.5 2.5 
1500 8.9 7.9 
2000 13.4 15.5 
2500 21.8 20.4 
3000 29.1 26.9 
3500 34.7 33.0 
3800 37.0 37.8

AMF 720 Pro Sport
LOA: 7.5m
Beam: 2.45m
Deadrise: 18.5 Deg
Hull: 6mm
Sides: 5mm
Transom: 5mm
Hull Weight: 1400kg
Towing Weight: 2500kg

First Hyundai SeasAll powerplants hit NZ waters

9 December 2010
For Immediate Release

The first of Hyundai SeasAll’s highly developed range of powerful Common Rail diesel marine engines have been installed in New Zealand.

The first Hyundai SeasAll S250 marine diesel was installed into Half Way Bay Station’s workboat near Queenstown, in November. The project, a re-power, was undertaken by Queenstown Marine - the first appointed Hyundai SeasAll dealer in New Zealand.

The boat, a 7m-alloy hardtop is primarily used by Halfway Bay Station for transporting goods and staff around the expansive property on Lake Wakatipu, which has no road access. 

The new engine, the Hyundai SeasAll S250, is a 3.0L V6 Common Rail diesel and produces 250hp and 490nm of torque at 3800rpm and delivers the power through a MerCruiser Bravo II sternleg.

In making the choice of installing a Hyundai S250 into the craft, station Manager Gerry Kennedy says the end decision was easy and down to Hyundai’s international reputation for quality and reliability.

“Years of Hyundai’s cutting-edge R&D was pretty hard to go by,” says Kennedy.

“Reliability was a key factor in installing the S250 into the boat. On the lake, reliability is a must, for not only when we’re transporting staff and equipment, but also families. Hyundai has a world class reputation for the reliability of their products which was very reassuring when we purchased.”

Kennedy says that the new performance of the boat from the Hyundai S250 was quite noticeable and has since transformed the boat.

“As soon as you put the boat into gear there is a smooth supply of power with more low down torque than we can use even with 200kg of fuel, 8 people and gear. The performance with a load was similar to when I would be using the boat by myself with the old power plant.”

“There is more useable power right from when you engage it into drive, and then right through the rev range. It’s a lot quieter as well, the V6 configuration is just superb – I really didn’t think the improvement would be this good!”

Kennedy went onto say that the engine fits the boat’s purpose perfectly and delivers the need for performance as well as reliability.

“Lake Wakatipu can be pretty rough at the best of times, it’s very reassuring to have all of that power on tap. Turbo lag is zero, and we’ve found that the boat is a lot more responsive particularly when negotiating the sharp chop on the lake.”

Kennedy estimates that his fuel savings with the new Hyundai SeasAll power plant installed is quite significant. 

“We’re now saving 15L per hour in diesel. The fuel economy is really quite amazing, with a cruising speed of 27mph @ 3000rpm and 2 people onboard we are using 21 l/h, fully loaded with passengers and gear we’re using 24l/h. The Hyundai motor out performs our previous motor on all levels.”

Hyundai SeasAll Business Development Manager, Mark Harrison said the initial performance results from the Half Way Bay Station repower were pleasing and to be expected. 

“New Zealand boaties are looking for premium quality, efficient and cost-effective alternative marine engines – Hyundai SeasAll fits the bill exactly. Just as it has done with cars, SUVs and vans, Hyundai is aiming to become one of the world’s leading marine engine manufacturers.”

Harrison says selecting the right dealers as business partners has been very important for the brand. 

“Our dealers are integral to the success of the Hyundai SeasAll brand and we have been quite selective as we put together a nationwide network. Queenstown Marine is our first dealer in Australasia, and we are very pleased to have them onboard.” 

Shane Johnston of Queenstown Marine, Australasia’s first Hyundai SeasAll dealer, said he was very pleased with the ease of the Hyundai SeasAll repower project and is happy to have the brand onboard with the company.

“Hyundai SeasAll has placed great emphasis on reliability, superb fuel efficiency and lowering emissions, this S250 is a true testament to that. The install was very straightforward and coupling the S250 to a new MerCruiser Bravo II leg was very simple,” says Shane Johnston of Queenstown Marine.

A second Hyundai SeasAll S250 is currently being installed into a new AMF 7.2m Hardtop in Mt Maunganui.

“The Half Way Bay boat is quite a commercial craft. We are excited to see the new AMF 7.2m hit the water with an identical Hyundai SeasAll S250 installed, coupled with a Bravo III sternleg. We expect this boat to set performance benchmarks,” says Harrison.


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Hyundai power for boaties who want the best

immediate release

Hyundai power for boaties who want the best.  

Oceania boaties can soon share the affordable high quality enjoyed by Hyundai vehicle owners.

A highly-developed range of powerful diesel marine engines known as Hyundai SeasAll is now becoming available throughout Oceania. Hyundai SeasAll, a corporate venture network of Hyundai-Kia Motors is a dedicated marine engine developer and manufacturer whose range will be expanded based on the Hyundai’s premier engine technology and proven power.

The first two models of Hyundai SeasAll are an inline four cylinder 2.2 litre and a V6 3.0 litre in the range of 150~250 hp. An electronic engine management and common rail fuel injection system optimises engine power, fuel consumption and reduces emissions dramatically. They are available in stern drive, shaft drive, with ZF down angle or V-drive gearboxes, or in jet drive configurations. The engines are designed for pleasure, or for the light duty commercial boaties seeking re-power or building a new craft.

“Boaties are looking for premium quality, efficient and cost-effective alternative marine engines – Hyundai SeasAll fits the bill exactly,” explains the Business Development Manager of the importer Allpower Industries, Mark Harrison.

“Initially we are launching with two advanced diesel engines, 170hp and 250hp. Both feature common-rail injection technology as well as an electronically-controlled variable geometry turbo for increased performance.

“These engines will suit pleasure boaties with craft anywhere from six meters up to 10 meters depending on the customer’s needs. The engines are available in Sterndrive, shaft or jet ready configurations.

“Best of all, boaties will be pleasantly surprised with the price tag; despite their highly advanced technology these marine engines will be competitively priced.

“My advice to any boaties considering a new powerplant is, don’t make any decisions until you’ve had a look at Hyundai SeasAll.

Mr Harrison explains all Hyundai SeasAll engines will share the world-leading common-rail diesel technology which has made Hyundai a world leader in road vehicles.

“That’s the base technology from which the Korean research and development engineers have developed these innovative marine engines. 

“Years of cutting-edge work at the Powertrain R&D Centre has adapted Hyundai’s world-class automotive technology and proven power for marine use. 

“Hyundai SeasAll has placed great emphasis on superb fuel efficiency, lowering emissions to keep our waters cleaner and usable power hidden behind quietness enhancing the joy of powering across the water.

“Just as it has done with cars, SUVs and vans, Hyundai is aiming to becomeone of the world’s leading marine engine manufacturers.

“Hyundai SeasAll displayed the latest-generation inline 4 cylinder 2.2-litre and V6 3-litre common-rail engines at the Korea International boatshow this year, and attracted big interest from across Asia, the USA and around the Pacific Rim.

“We also displayed at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show as well as the Auckland International Boat Show this year, these are the engines we are now bringing to Oceania boat owners,” said Mr Harrison.

“These are the engines that are now available in our local market for boaties,” said Mr Harrison.

The engine range will be expanded in time to include engines from 1.6-litre variants to above 12-litre diesels, which will cover a large range of vessels.

Allpower Industries, established for 30 years in Australia and approaching its second anniversary in New Zealand, is now accepting applications from retail dealers aspiring to become Hyundai SeasAll agents.

“Our dealers are integral to the success of the Hyundai SeasAll brand and we are being quite selective as we put together a nationwide network,” said Mr Harrison.

“As well as high levels of market knowledge and service, we want our dealers to be profitable – which is the same approach Hyundai takes with its motor vehicles,” he said.

To find out more information check out our website


Further info:
Mark Harrison
Business Development Manager
Allpower Industries Ltd, Marine Division
ph +64 9 269 1160
cell +64 21 376 800

Auckland International Boat Show

Hyundai SeasAll to launch in New Zealand at the Auckland International Boat Show.

For more information about the boat show click here